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JF Dickinson Construction Management, Owner

JF Dickinson Construction Management, Owner

Welcome to an alternative way to build your “Dream Home”. Construction Management is an economical concept in home building that affords you as the homeowner, the opportunity to be your own General Contractor. This allows you complete control over your project while saving you thousands of dollars over the traditional home building process. You pay the subcontractors and suppliers directly and eliminate the builder’s mark up.

As the owner of JF Dickinson Construction Management, Inc., I am your Job Coordinator, running your job from start to finish. All homes are custom designed with blueprints and job specifications created to meet your individual needs. I secure the building permits and schedule all subcontractors, suppliers and inspectors to guarantee a timely completion of your home.

As a General Contractor you are not limited to any one supplier or subcontractor. I will provide professional, trustworthy subcontractors and recommend vendors whom I work with on a day to day basis. However, if you prefer to work with other companies, you have that option.

I have more than 31 years of on-site construction management experience. Throughout that time, I have always held high standards and demanded quality workmanship to ensure a professionally built home through every phase of construction.

“User friendly” is how I refer to my program. I have built new homes all over the Western New York area. My best salesman is my last customer. Please review the list of homes I have built. Feel free to contact any of the homeowners and speak with them. I would also be happy to speak with you to answer your questions and/or arrange for you to see any of the homes. Call John with any questions 716 628-8877.